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How Is Gelato Made?

Many of us reach out for a gelato, but often do not know what it makes it special or how it originates. It is like ice cream, but it is not so. It is a form of frozen dessert, which has originated from Italy. The ingredients used in gelato are milk and sugar primarily. There are other ingredients combined such as nuts, spices, liquor, fruit and flavorings. The difference between gelato and ice cream is that there is no cream in gelato. Hence gelato is preferred to ice cream as the fat content is lower. There are several variants of ice cream these days and the term is loosely used to denote most of these dessert varieties. You would use the term to denote ice milk and to differentiate it from the ice cream.

Features of gelato

If you look at gelato desserts, it is a semi frozen dessert and it melts faster as compared to ice cream. Usually gelato needs to be preserved in an air freezer. If you are getting gelato from an ice cream supplier the vendor will send across the supplies in such a box. The ice cream display freezer used for ice creams is different from what is used for gelato desserts.

Why gelato is popular?

There are several reasons why gelato is popular. It is less fatty as compared to ice cream. It comes with fruit and other flavors and ingredients that make it nutritious and more attractive as compared to traditional flavored ice cream. If you are considering adding new items to your dessert menu or starting a dessert business, it would be wise to include gelato in your menu. You can find several ice cream machine rental vendors who can offer you the right equipment and storage units to start off with such a dessert in your eatery business.