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Italian Ice And Dessert Offerings

If you are planning to add something new and unique to your dessert menu, then what about looking at Italian dessert options? For instance Italian ice, it is a form of frozen confectionery items that is similar to snow cones or shaved ice. You might confuse it with gelatin, which is usually thought of when you are thinking Italian desserts. However, Italian ice cream or dessert options can be several and of varied forms. If you have a confectionery cake supplier business why not add Italian ice to your offerings? You could offer layers of different flavored ice along with gelato. These are ways you can top up different offerings and make them unique at your shop. This kind of a combination is often called gelato as it is a variant of gelato. Many people used to refer to such desserts as Italian ice cream. However, technically it is a dessert that is different from ice cream as it is not made from cream which is the way ice cream is made.

How an Italian ice is made?

If you are looking to make Italian ice you would want to use sugar, water and flavorings. You need to blend the items together and then freeze the concoction. You can freeze them as snow cones in different shapes and sizes and in colorful mixtures. Many snow cones or shaved ice is served with syrupy flavor. Any confectioners usually add corn syrup on top. It becomes similar to sorbet in many instances. However cool sorbets are made from milk or milk products which are not used in Italian ice.

Get the right setup

Whether you are planning to sell gelato or Italian ice you would need the right set up. You can contact the gelato wholesale vendors online if you want the ready-made supplies to turn up at your doorstep. Alternatively you could contact with ice cream catering suppliers in Singapore.